PVS-Studio 7.09

Therefore, most likely, now each release will be followed by a special note so that users don't miss changes that may be useful to them. What's interesting is that from now on we won't just list everything that was added or improved. Rather, now on the contrary, the purpose is to highlight the most important features in the news to avoid having just a boring list of changes.

PVS-Studio 7.09

by Andrey Karpov

From the article:

New general analysis diagnostics:

  •     V1059. Macro name overrides a keyword/reserved name. This may lead to undefined behavior.
  •     V1060. Passing 'BSTR ' to the 'SysAllocString' function may lead to incorrect object creation.
  •     V1061. Extending 'std' or 'posix' namespace may result in undefined behavior.
  •     V1062. Class defines a custom new or delete operator. The opposite operator must also be defined.
  •     V1063. The modulo by 1 operation is meaningless. The result will always be zero.

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