CppDepend v2020.1 Released! - Dependency Graph Completely Rebuilt, new Linux version, CUDA support

CppDepend allows architects and developers to analyze C and C++ code base, automate code reviews, and facilitate refactoring and migration.

CppDepend v2020.1

by CppDepend

About the release

CppDepend’s Dependency Graph feature has been rebuilt from scratch. And, thanks to several innovations, it is now a unique and differentiated tool for exploring and navigating code bases. Feature highlights include:

  • Optimized to work on very large codebases: For example, now the graph can be used to navigate in a very large project in real-time.
  • New graph navigation bar: expand/collapse parent nodes; focus on entangled code; generate call graphs, coupling graphs, inheritance graphs, and more.
  • New dependency graph layout option: group by project, namespace, or class with new color conventions and new filters.
  • Complex graphs are simplified with Clusters: cluster nodes can be automatically introduced to make large and complex graphs readable.
  • Search in graphs: Interesting graphs can be quickly obtained by searching elements by name and pruning un-matched elements.
  • Export graphs to SVG vector format
  • Dependency Graph presentation in reports has been improved: thanks to clusters feature.
  • Smart Graph Persistence: A list of actions can be persisted to obtain a graph that remains in-sync through code changes.

Also, CppDepend 2020.1 includes:

  • CppDepend on Linux completely rebuilt: The Linux GUI is completely rebuilt to use the GTK framework for a better user experience.
  • C/C++ plugin for SonarQube is now available on Linux
  • CUDA Support: CppDepend fully supports the analysis of CUDA-based applications.
  • Improved Physical structure analysis: When you create a new CppDepend project you have now the choice to use a logical view or a physical view.
  • Source File Store Out Of The Box: Parsed source files are now zipped at analysis time.
  • Bamboo and AppVeyor Integration: You can now integrate the CppDepend report to Bamboo and AppVeyor
  • Numerous Bugs Fixes and Improvements

Click here to see a series of short GIF animations that illustrate these features and product improvements.

Download and enjoy the new version of CppDepend now by clicking here.

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