CLion 2020.1 release is here!

Welcome the fresh CLion 2020.1 release!

CLion 2020.1: Dozens of Improvements Across the IDE, and Benefits for CUDA and Embedded Projects

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

Here is a quick overview of the main highlights. If you are interested in the specific details, please read on:

  • CUDA projects: code assistance in CUDA C/C++ code, an updated New Project wizard, support for CUDA file extensions
  • Embedded development: support for the IAR compiler and a plugin for PlatformIO
  • Windows projects: support for Clang-cl and an LLDB-based debugger for the Visual Studio C++ toolchain
  • Clang-based tools update
  • Refactorings, formatter, documentation, and editor enhancements
  • Run/Debug configurations
  • IntelliJ Platform updates

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