C++ Packaging and Design Rules -- John Lakos

In this excerpt from Large-Scale C++ Volume I: Process and Architecture, John Lakos presents how to organize and package component-based software in a uniform (domain-independent) manner. This chapter also provides the fundamental C++ design rules that govern how to develop modular software hierarchically in terms of components, packages, and package groups.

C++ Packaging and Design Rules

by John Lakos 

From the article:

The way in which software is organized governs the degree to which we can leverage that software to solve current and new business problems quickly and effectively. By design, much of the code that we write for use by applications will reside in sharable libraries and not directly in any one application. Our goal, therefore, is to provide some top-level organizational structure that allows us to partition our software into discrete physical units so as to facilitate finding, understanding, and potentially reusing available software solutions.

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