Advanced Programming in C++ (Spanish) in Madrid -- Daniel Garcia

This course is offered in Spanish (might be available in English on demand).

Advanced Programming in C++

by Daniel Garcia

About the course:

The course is a 3 full-days training (24 hours) covering C++11, C++14, and an introduction to C++17 at March 25th, 26th, 27th, 2019 in Madrid. It is structured in 4 modules:

  • Language (Generalities and type system, Initialization, classes, global novelties, generic programming support).
  • Standards library (Metaprogramming support, utilities, STL, strings).
  • Concurrency (Introduction to concurrency, memory model, threads, mutual exclusion, futures and promises).
  • Introduction to C++17

About the trainer:

J. Daniel Garcia is an Associate Professor in Computer Architecture at University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain. He has extensive experience in industrial project in domains ranging from aerospace and civil engineering to medical technology and finance.

Since 2008 he has served as a member of WG21 (C++ standards committee) as well as chair of the Spanish committee on C++. He has co-authored a number of proposals for C++, since C++11. His main efforts for C++20 are related to the introduction of contracts programming.

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