CLion 2018.3 released with remote dev support -- Anastasia Kazakova

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CLion has just got a huge update!!

CLion 2018.3 released: remote development, CPU profilers, C++17, clangd-based navigation, and VCS and editor improvements

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

This year we’ve focused on two areas to enhance CLion. The first is better C++ language support and general IDE performance improvements. As a result, we’ve added a clangd-based experimental complementary language engine, and a massive amount of work was done which, although invisible at first glance, has helped eliminate dozens of UI freezes in the editor.

The second area is the endless world of remote configurations. Starting with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), by the end of the year it has evolved into full remote development support.

Other update highlights include:

  • CPU Profilers integration on Linux (Perf) and macOS (DTrace)
  • Better C++17 support: fold expressions and deduction guides
  • Clangd-based navigation and search actions
  • New Build menu, Run Anything, and Search Everywhere
  • VCS enhancements: Git Submodules and GitHub pull requests



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