JetBrains C++ team at CppCon 2018: Trip report -- Anastasia Kazakova

CppCon 2018 is now over. While our memories are still fresh, we’d like to share our impressions of this year’s installment of CppCon.

JetBrains C++ team about CppCon 2018

by Anastasia Kazakova

This year's edition was unique and exceptional for many reasons:

  • Highly technical keynotes on Concepts, Lifetime, Spectre issues and more.
  • C++ developers on stage accepting an Academy Award!
  • A whole selection of great talks, some are covered in the trip report.
  • New Lightning Challenge format (our team was glad to take it and shared the impression in the report).

Our team is also running a survey at CppCon on a regular basis, no exception this year. Find the results on most popular standard and compiler inside.


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