Modern C++ Features – Quality-of-Life Features--Arne Mertz

Some to help, some to enable.

Modern C++ Features – Quality-of-Life Features

by Arne Mertz

From the article:

With the new C++ standards, we got a lot of features that feel like “quality-of-life” features. They make things easier for the programmer but do not add functionality that wasn’t already there. Except, some of those features do add functionality we couldn’t implement manually.

Some of those quality-of-life features are really exactly that. The standard often describes them as being equivalent to some alternative code we can actually type. Others are mostly quality-of-life, but there are edge cases where we can not get the effect by hand, or the feature is slightly superior to the manual implementation.

I will concentrate on core language features here, since most library features are implementable using regular C++. Only a few library features use compiler intrinsics...

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