C++ Foundation Developer Survey "Lite", 2018-08: C++ and Cloud

cpp_logo.pngThank you to the over 3,000 people who participated six months ago in the Standard C++ Foundation's first-ever global C++ developer survey. Based on its success, we have decided to run these surveys about twice a year to learn about C++ usage generally across industries or in specific current domains.

This time, we focus on the domain of cloud-related software. As the name suggests, it's a one-pager:

C++ Developer Survey "Lite", 2018-08: C++ and Cloud

Please take 10 minutes or so to participate! A summary of the results, including aggregated highlights of common answers in the write-in responses, will be posted publicly here on isocpp.org and shared with the C++ standardization committee to help inform C++ evolution.

The survey will be open for one week.

Thank you for participating and helping to inform our committee and community.

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