Codeplay Announces World's First Fully-Conformant SYCL 1.2.1 Solution

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SYCL is an open standard developed by the Khronos™ Group that enables developers to write code for heterogeneous systems using standard C++.  Developers are looking at how they can accelerate their applications without having to write optimized processor specific code. SYCL is the industry standard for C++ acceleration, giving developers a platform to write high-performance code in standard C++, unlocking the performance of accelerators and specialized processors from companies such as AMD™, Intel™, Renesas™ and Arm®.

Codeplay Announces World's First Fully-Conformant SYCL 1.2.1 Solution

by Codeplay

About the release:

Codeplay's ComputeCpp 1.0 enables SYCL and provides C++ developers with huge benefits:
    High Performance Computing: Supercomputers are playing an important role in computationally intensive tasks in the fields of science, finance, and many others to provide complex calculations and simulations. SYCL offers a standard way for HPC developers to write portable, efficient, accelerated code using standard C++ that can be deployed to GPUs, FPGAs and other accelerators
    Computer Vision: Complex image processing operations can be accelerated using parallel computing. ComputeCpp and SYCL provide high-level programmability for custom vision processors, enabling additional custom features on top of existing optimized hardware functions
    Artificial Intelligence: Linear algebra is increasingly being used in artificial intelligence applications and benefits from parallel architectures. The Eigen linear algebra library, SYCLBLAS and TensorFlow frameworks can be accelerated using ComputeCpp for a wide variety of heterogeneous hardware

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rodburns said on Aug 28, 2018 09:46 AM:

The link seems to have been cropped, here's the full url
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Felix Petriconi said on Aug 28, 2018 10:15 AM:

Thanks for the hint. I fixed it.