C++/CLI support comes to ReSharper C++

Two big worlds of C++ and C# are bridged by the interop language, C++/CLI, and now it's supported in ReSharper C++, a Visual Studio extension from JetBrains.

C++/CLI support comes to ReSharper C++

by Phil Nash

From the article:

While C# is a highly productive language, and is no slouch when it comes to performance, there are many reasons that we may also have a parts of our project written in pure C++. C++/CLI is an answer to the question, “how do I get to, or from, my pure C++ from C# (or any .NET language)?”. If you just need to call into C++, and it exposes a C API, P/Invoke may be the simplest way to go. But for more complex cases – where you want to model richer types and class hierarchies – C++/CLI let’s you do that.

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