The Tightly-constrained Design Space of Convenient Syntaxes For Generic Programming --Corentin Jabot

An exploration of the various convenient syntaxes for declaring templates and function templates as proposed C++20:

The tightly-constrained design space of convenient syntaxes for generic programming

by Corentin Jabot

About the article:

Did you know that the Concept TS was merged into the Working Draft in July 2017, in Toronto? And we are a Planck length away from merging the Range TS in C++20 as well, including a few goodies such as projections, contiguous ranges/iterators and ranges adaptors? We also added a bunch of general-purpose concepts in the std namespace in Rapperswil.

Concepts have been 3 decades in the making and the Ranges TS is a huge body of work. Yet, I feel like a lot of people are unaware of these great features that are coming to a compiler near them.

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