Modern C++ for C programmers -- bert hubert

In 2018, C++ is a modern programming language that C programmers may want to take another look at, especially if they are pondering shifting to Go or Rust.

Modern C++ for C programmers part 1

Modern C++ for C programmers part 2

by Bert Hubert

From the article:

In this and subsequent posts, I hope to convince C programmers to give ‘2017 era C++’ (which is entirely unlike 2003 C++) another good look. To do so, I want to show that within C++ hides a simple language that still offers you many good things without immediately requiring you to tackle all 1400 pages of ‘The C++ Programming Language’. In other words, I claim there is great benefit already when only using a judicious selection of the best parts of C++.

My goal is that when you go look for a new language to learn (say, Go or Rust), you will hopefully consider modern C++ as well


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