CppCast Episode 152: C++ London Uni with Tom Breza, Oliver Ddin and Tristan Brindle

Episode 152 of CppCast the only podcast for C++ developers by C++ developers. In this episode Rob and Jason are joined by Tom Breza, Oliver Ddin and Tristan Brindle to discuss the C++ London Uni group and their approach to teaching C++ to the community.

CppCast Episode 152: C++ London Uni with Tom Breza, Oliver Ddin and Tristan Brindle

by Rob Irving and Jason Turner

About the interviewees:

Tom arrived in London at age 22 with £200 to his name, not knowing a single person. After 6 months Tom managed to start business - PC Service, that provides IT support to SMBs and runs it since then. Tom's team help many customers from small businesses to top celebrities and Royal Families. Now with over 20 years of experience, Tom set his mind on new challenges and decided to learn software development, specifically C++ and helps others to learn through C++ London Uni.

Oliver has been a C++ hater since 2008 - fortunately, that all changed with C++11 and he's firmly an enthusiast now. He's spent his time doing everything from embedded devices to network engineering and now Internet security related endeavours. He's a big proponent of writing software in a style driven by some form of testing and its place in pushing you towards well-architected, maintainable code. In his spare time he also co-organises C++ London Uni which provides free lessons for people wanting to get into developing C++ and the wider ecosystem around it.

Tristan is an independent contractor and C++ enthusiast based in London. He’s particularly interested in standardisation and making C++ an easier language to use and teach. He can be found on Twitter @tristanbrindle and occasionally blogs about C++ at tristanbrindle.com.

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