What Should Go Into the Standard Library -- Titus Winters

Titus responds to Guy Davidson's article, what should go into the STL.

What Should Go Into the C++ Standard Library

By Titus Winters

From the article:

So, what should go in the standard library? Fundamentals. Things that can only be done with compiler support, or compile-time things that are so subtle that only the standard should be trusted to get it right. Vocabulary. Time, vector, string. Concurrency. Mutex, future, executors. The wide array of “sometimes useful data structure” and “random metaprogramming” could and should be shuffled off into a semi-standard repository of available but distinct utility libraries. Those may themselves have different design and stability philosophies, like Boost or Abseil - the principles that make the standard what it is are not necessarily universal even if they are good for the standard. Graphics is too much - many won’t want it, and those that think they do may not understand what they are asking for.

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