Results summary: C++ Foundation Developer Survey "Lite", 2018-02

From last Monday through this Monday, we ran our first global C++ developer survey.

Thank you to the over 3,200 of you who responded. As promised, here is a public summary of the results:

Results summary: C++ Developer Survey "Lite": 2018-02

This summary has now been forwarded to the C++ standards committee, along with the full text of your write-in answers (over 300 pages!). Your feedback will be very helpful, and has already started to be referred to by standards participants as we prepare for next week's ISO meeting in Jacksonville, FL, USA.

Thank you again for your participation. It is very helpful, and based on the success of this survey we plan to run it again in the future from time to time. When we do, it will be announced here on


Note: Due to a SurveyMonkey bug, the word clouds showing popular keywords for the five open-ended questions cover about half the responses, which fortunately is still a large sample. They're working on a fix to include all the responses in the word clouds.

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