CppDepend v2018.1 Released - CERT/HICPP standard Checks, C++ Core guidelines support and much more.

We are happy to inform you that CppDepend v2018.1 has been released and is now available for download!

More Information about CppDepend v2018.1 new features!

by CoderGears

About the release:

CppDepend v2018.1 allows architects and developers to analyze C and C++ code base. Measure, query and visualize source code and avoid unexpected issues, technical debt and complexity.

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About the release

With CppDepend v2018.1 Save time, reduce costs and deliver high-quality code with these important updates:

  • CERT (SEI CERT C++ Coding Standard ) standard checks
  • HICPP (High Integrity C++) standard checks
  • More rules to check your modern C++ codebase(C++11,C++14,C++17): More than 20 modernization detections
  • Clang-tidy tool embedded for more issues detection
  • Analysis of the CMake format specification: CppDepend analyzes now out of the box the CMake Compilation Database Format Specification.
  • C++ Core Guidelines support
  • New rules related to the performance and the readability issues


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