C++17 - The Complete Guide -- Nicolai M. Josuttis

The first draft of "C++17 - The Complete Guide" is now available at

C++17 - The Complete Guide

by Nicolai M. Josuttis

About the guide:

Buy early, pay less, free updates.

This book uses a new publishing model: It is written incrementally and self-published. That way you can buy it even before it is complete and I have income while I am still writing it (note that I do C++ for a living).

Most of the new features are covered already in detail:

  • All major new core language features
  • The new library components (filesystem only by a few examples)

But there is still enough to do (see http://www.cppstd17.com/ for details).

All covered features went through significant review with awesome feedback and already have a lot of useful details including how they integrate with other features and discussing all the traps you should avoid.

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