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In this article "No Bugs" Hare outlines the possibility to run C++ code in the major four web browsers.

(Not Really So) New Niche for C++: Browser!?

by "No Bugs" Hare

From the article:

For quite a long while, C++ had been losing popularity; for example, as reported in [Widman16], in 2016 it got 7% less of the listings on Dice.com compared with a year earlier; and according to [TIOBE17], from the C++ Golden Age in 2004 till 2017, the C++ share fell from ~17% to a measly 6%.

As all of us (as in, ‘hardcore C++ fans’) know , this has nothing to do with the deficiencies of C++; rather it is related to an observation that the time of downloadable clients (which was one of the main C++ strongholds) has changed into the time of browser-based clients – and all the attempts to get C++ onto browsers were sooo ugly (ActiveX, anyone?) that this didn’t really leave a chance to use C++ there.

Well, it seems that this tendency is already in the process of being reverted:

C++ can already run on all four major browsers – and moreover, it has several all-important advantages over JavaScript, too.
And this – not too surprisingly – is what this article is all about.

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