QStringView Diaries: Masters Of The Overloads—Marc Mutz

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The third episode of the QStringView Diaries blog series is out, in which Qt developer Marc Mutz describes the ongoing work in implementing a string-view for QString data.

QStringView Diaries: Masters Of The Overloads

by Marc Mutz

From the article:

The last blog post in this series described how to use string-views. This post is about how to design one. In particular, it’s about QStringView‘s constructors. They evolved through a rapid succession of changes. These changes either fixed ambiguities between QString and QStringView overloads, or improved performance. And they all have the same solution: std::enable_if, the Swiss Army Knife for overload control.

This post will take you from where we naïvely started to where we made the impossible possible: overloading a function for arrays and pointers.

In case you missed them, here are the first two instalments:

QStringView Diaries: The Eagle Has Landed

QStringView Diaries: Advances in QStringLiteral



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