Visual Studio 2017 for C++ developers

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The following Visual Studio 2017 launch day articles have gone live on the VCBlog:

Visual Studio 2017 for C++ developers – you will love it

C++ Code Analysis improvements in Visual Studio 2017 RTM

Check for const correctness with the C++ Core Guidelines Checker

Binary Compatibility and Pain-free Upgrade: Why Moving to Visual Studio 2017 is almost “too easy”

MSVC: The best choice for Windows

Use any C++ Compiler with Visual Studio

C++ game development workload in Visual Studio 2017

Completed UserVoice Suggestions in Visual Studio 2017

C++ Standards Conformance from Microsoft

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension March 2017 Update

C++14 conformance improvements: constexpr and aggregate initialization

Finding installed Visual C++ tools for Visual Studio 2017

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