CLion 2017.1 released -- Anastasia Kazakova

Welcome CLion 2017.1, new version of the cross-platform C/C++ IDE from JetBrains!

CLion 2017.1 released

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

With the 2017.1 update CLion has learned a lot about C++14 and C++17. It improves your debugging experience with a disassembly view and unit testing with support for the Catch framework. In addition, Windows users are welcome to check out the new experimental support for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.

The highlighted new features are:

  • Extended support for C++14 (in brief, all except constexpr are there!)
  • First step towards C++17 support (nested namespaces!)
  • First step to modernizing your C++ code: make auto intention
  • Support for precompiled headers and headers included via -include compile option
  • Disassembly view in debugger (GDB)
  • Support for the Catch unit test framework
  • Experimental support for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler
  • Find in Path in popup
  • Enhanced Log viewer and branches popup
  • Swift plugin: SourceKit inspections and ability to generate type from usage

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