Building a safety critical memory manager for self driving cars—Illya Rudkin

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What does it take to build a C++ memory manager for safety critical applications such as autonomous vehicles?

Codeplay's Safety-Critical Memory Manager

by Illya Rudkin

From the article

In my experience, when implementing an application, the memory management part of its design is very often overlooked. That is also the case when considering the design for a Safety-Critical (SC) system. This blog post talks about why a memory manager should be considered in the design, especially for an SC system, and why the designers of such systems should consider implementing it first, before doing anything else.

Codeplay has created a Safety-Critical Memory Manager (SCMM) as part of its strategy to build an SC tool set, including implementations of open standards (such as OpenCL) for building artificial intelligence in automotive systems. We believe that an SCMM is a fundamental foundation stone to help us achieve and verify the safety goals for our systems in different problem domains.


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