NDC Oslo 2016 Videos are online

The recordings from the this years NDC Oslo are online.

NDC 2016 Oslo

These are the videos with C++ content:

Andrei Alexandrescu: Fastware

Andrei Alexandrescu: Generic Locking in C++

Anthony Williams: The Continuing Future of the C++ Concurrency

Anthony Williams: Safety: off - How not to shoot yourself into the foot with C++ atomics

Dan Saks: Measuring Instead of Speculating in C and C++

Dan Saks: Using the C++ STL Without Dynamic Memory

Detlef Vollmann: New Executors for C++

Detlef Vollmann: Parallelism vs. Concurrency in C++

Hubert Matthews: The C++ Type System is your Friend

Mark Isaacson: Developing Correct C++ @ Scale

Mark Isaacson: Exploring C++17 and beyond

Sasha Goldshtein: Introduction to C++ Template Metaprogramming

Sasha Goldshtein: The C++ and CLR Memory Models



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