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All videos from the this year's ACCU conference are now online.

ACCU 2016 Videos

by the ACCU

From the schedule

The keynotes were:

Jim Coplien: A Glimpse of Trygve: From Class oriented Programming to Real OO

Andrei Alexandrescu: Fastware

Marian Petre: Balacing Bias in Software Development

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe: Comfort Zone


The talks with C++ content in no particular order were:

Dietmar Kühl: Constant Fun

Roger Orr: C++ Concepts 'Lite' in Practice

Felix Petriconi: Leaving The Dark Side - Behaviour Testing of a C++ Based Medical Device

J. Daniel Garcia: Improving Performance and Maintainability in Modern C++

Marshall Clow: STL Algorithms – How to Use Them and How to Write Your Own

Kevlin Henney: Declarative Thinking, Declarative Practice

Dmitri Nesteruk: Design Pattern in Modern C++

Jamie Allsop: Managing C++ Build Complexity Using Cuppa: A SCons-based Build System

Nikos Athanasiou: Benchmarking in C++

Sławomir Zborowski: What Every C++ Programmer Should Know About Modern Compilers

Peter Sommerlad: Visualize Template Instantiations - Understand your Template Bugs

Peter Sommerlad: Using Units, Quantities, and Dimensions in C++14

Niall Douglas: Distributed Mutual Exclusion using Proposed Boost.AFIO

John Lakos: Proper Inheritance Part 1 (Part 2 is not available)

Bernhard Merkle: Finding Bugs with Clang at Compile and Run Time

Guy Davidson: WG21-SG14: The Story So Far


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Malcolm Parsons said on May 17, 2016 07:27 AM:

Part 2 of "Proper Inheritance" is missing.
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marshall said on May 17, 2016 09:12 AM:

Here's one that got left off the list:

Marshall Clow: [url=""]STL Algorithms – How to Use Them and How to Write Your Own' - Marshall Clow [/url]
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Felix Petriconi said on May 17, 2016 01:55 PM:

@Malcom Pasons: The 2nd video is not available.