Course: Boost Your Productivity with Modern C++ -- Peter Gottschling

peter-gottschling.jpgA repeat of last year's popular course, again being held in English and German:

Boost Your Productivity with Modern C++

by Peter Gottschling


Templates (generic programming)

  • Function templates
  • Class templates
  • Variadic Templates (C++11)
  • Concepts
  • Specialization
  • Template arguments that are not types
  • Functors
  • Lambda functions (C++11)

Standard Template Library

  • Iterator concept
  • Containers
  • Functions
  • Meta-programming
  • Let the compiler compute
  • Providing type informations
  • Auto and decltype (C++11)
  • Const-adaptive classes
  • Expression templates

Other advanced and new techniques

  • Calling functions from derived classes without overhead
  • RValues and move semantics (C++11)
  • Initialization lists (C++11)
  • New for-loops (C++11)

Peter Gottschling is author of the Matrix Template Library 4, co-author of the Boost Graph Library and other scientific libraries. He is vice-chair of DIN's programming language group and head of the German delegation in the ISO committee for C++ standardization. He is managing director of SimuNova and taught C++ at TU Dresden, TU Berlin and Indiana University.

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