Trip report: C++ standards meeting in Jacksonville, Feb-Mar 2016 -- Herb Sutter

A comprehensive trip report from the just-concluded ISO C++ meeting:

Trip report: Winter ISO C++ standards meeting

by Herb Sutter

From the article:

On March 5, the ISO C++ committee completed its winter meeting in Jacksonville, FL, USA. We had record-tying attendance, with over 110 experts officially representing eight national bodies. As usual, we met for six days Monday through Saturday, and around the clock from 8:30am till 10pm most days, after which many people still went back to hang out in the lobby or their rooms to update papers. — The hotel had a baby grand piano outside the main meeting room lobby, and so late at night you could often walk by and find one of several committee members playing a tune, while as usual people collaborated on their proposals, perched on couches and tables clustered around glowing rectangles, incanting standardese to the soft strains of Russian folk ballads and arena rock.

Here’s a summary of what happened, with some details about the current ISO C++ process so you can see just how the work is progressing and getting released. I’ve tried to add some links to the relevant feature design papers, or to the papers that summarize what was done which in turn usually carry more links to the design papers...

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