Trip Report C++ Meeting at Jacksonville -- J. Daniel Garcia

Here is Daniel's trip report from the recent C++ meeting at Jacksonville

Trip Report C++ Meeting at Jacksonville

by J. Daniel Garcia

From the article:

First of all the bad news. Unfortunately I have to say that the outcome of the standards meeting has been disappointing. Let me explain myself. We had a really very intense week here in Jacsonville. We made progress in many things, but  we will not have the killer features I really wanted for C++17.

In detail he sums the features that were not voted into C++17 and those that were accepted.


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kmhofmann said on Mar 6, 2016 02:01 PM:

C++17 is turning out to be greatly disappointing. "Design by committee" seems designed to hinder fast progress. This doesn't seem to be the major update to the standard that Stroustrup had envisioned and championed, at all; seems this will just be another minor one. TS's are nice and all, but as it stands they won't matter for even a single line of cross-platform production code. Unless TS's are comprehensively picked up across implementations and platforms, we'll have to wait until C++2? for proper concurrency support, concepts, ranges and modules, all way overdue.

Judging from the comments here, I am not the only one who had expected much more.
Time to take this overwhelmingly negative feedback seriously, before all the momentum is gone...