P0144R1 and P0217R0: Structured bindings (Sutter, Stroustrup, Dos Reis) and wording (Maurer)

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P0144R1: Structured bindings (Herb Sutter, Bjarne Stroustrup, Gabriel Dos Reis)

This paper proposes the ability to declare multiple variables initialized from a tuple or struct, along the lines of:

tuple f(/*...*/) { /*...*/ return {a,b,c}; } 

auto {x,y,z} = f(); // x has type T1, y has type T2, z has type T3 

This addresses the requests for support of returning multiple values, which has become a popular request lately.

Proposed wording appears in a separate paper, P0217.


P0217R0: Proposed wording for structured bindings (Jens Maurer)

This paper presents the proposed wording to implement structured bindings as described by Herb Sutter, Bjarne Stroustrup, and Gabriel dos Reis in P0144R1.


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