N4578-79: Parallelism TS2 proposed working draft

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N4578: Working Draft, Technical Specification for C++ Extensions for Parallelism Version 2 (Jared Hoberock)

N4579: Parallelism TS Editor’s Report (Jared Hoberock)

N4578 is the proposed working draft of Parallelism TS Version 2. It contains technical changes to the Parallelism TS to apply the following revision:

  • P0155R0 - Task Block R5

N4578 updates the previous draft, N4505, published in the post-Lenexa mailing.

Technical Changes

  • Applied P0155R0, which introduces support for fork-join task parallelism

via task blocks.


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Malcolm Parsons said on Mar 8, 2016 05:34 AM:

"The Parallel Algorithms Library provides overloads for each of the algorithms named in Table 1, corresponding to the algorithms with the same name in the C++ Standard Algorithms Library"

I think you mean Table 2.

"The class sequential_execution_policy is an execution policy type used as a unique type to disambiguate parallel algorithm overloading and require that a parallel algorithm's execution may not be parallelized."

Does "unique type" mean the class should be final?