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C++11/C++14 will become more and more important in the C++ ecosystem, eventually becoming the most prevalent versions used. Every professional developer should invest in learning the new language version and try introducing its benefits into projects. And for good reasons: C++11/C++14 bring a large range of new features that make development safer, faster, easier and more fun. Once you have tried features like lambda functions, range-based for loops, the auto keyword and the new initialization syntax, you won’t want to go back. In addition to that, many more advanced features like variadic templates, rvalue reference and of course the new standard library additions like multithreading classes, smart pointers, regular expressions and new containers and algorithms complete the picture.

The topics of this course include both the language changes and the standard library changes introduced in C++11, as well as the changes from C++14. Since not every developer has a C++14-capable compiler yet, features only available in C++14 are clearly marked as such in the material. See the table of contents to see the detailed list.

Our full training lasts for three days and covers a wide range of topics, it goes in-depth and provides time to show C++11 examples as well as allowing participants to go hands-on and trying out C++11 themselves in exercise projects.

See the course description for more details about the content.

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