Quick Q: Can recompiling C++98 code as modern C++ get you performance for free? -- StackOverflow

Quick A: Yup.

Just before Christmas on StackOverflow:

Can modern C++ get you performance for free?

It is sometimes claimed that C++11/14 can get you a performance boost even when merely compiling C++98 code. The justification is usually along the lines of move semantics, as in some cases the rvalue constructors are automatically generated or now part of the STL. Now I'm wondering whether these cases were previously actually already handled by RVO or similar compiler optimizations.

My question then is if you could give me an actual example of a piece of C++98 code that, without modification, runs faster using a compiler supporting the new language features. I do understand that a standard conforming compiler is not required to do the copy elision and just by that reason move semantics might bring about speed, but I'd like to see a less pathological case, if you will.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I am not asking whether new compilers are faster than old compilers, but rather if there is code whereby adding -std=c++14 to my compiler flags it would run faster (avoid copies, but if you can come up with anything else besides move semantics, I'd be interested, too)

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