C++ Template Metaprogramming Introduction -- Nicolás Brailovsky

tmp-pandora.PNGIn case you missed it, from Nicolás Brailovsky's blog -- an interesting post after you get past a little ranting:

C++ Template Metaprogramming Introduction

by Nicolás Brailovsky

From the article:

First, we need to start with a little clarification: using template <class T> to parametrize a class, something like std::vector does, is not template metaprogramming. That’s just a generic class (Java-pun intended). That is indeed a useful case for templates, but it has little fun in it.

Template metaprogramming is much more fun than mere generic classes...

A few notes:

  • Even if template metaprogramming isn't something that every C++ developer will do on daily basis, it's worth being able to understand when you see it.
  • For homework, try solving the Hanoi Tower problem by using template metaprogramming. [A sample for the 8-Queens problem is available here.]

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