A Corollary on Overloading -- Mark Isaacson

From the Modern Maintainable Code Blog:

A corollary on overloading

by Mark Isaacson

Summary from the article:

1) You can extend or adapt other people's code with overloading.

2) It's easy to accidentally eliminate overloads from overload resolution (the set of overloads the compiler considers when calling a function), especially when doing the above. We'll discuss a simple technique to ensure that you don't leave your users in an unfortunate position by accidentally being too specific.

We'll also discuss a few other things along the way, like one reason why non-member functions are more flexible than member functions. We'll highlight why the modern C++11 guideline: 'prefer using the non-member std::begin, std::end, and std::swap functions' exists and why things like non-member std::size are in our near future.

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