The Python API and C++ -- Scott Prager

Some interspecies dating, appropriately on the "multi-paradigm" blog:

The Python API and C++

by Scott Prager

From the article:

Recently, for a job interview task, I was asked to write a Python module with a C or C++ implementation to solve an otherwise simple task. Obviously, I chose C++. While I had never used the Python API before, I found that the existing information on extending Python with C quite sufficient. What surprised me, however, is how little information existed for using C++. A few libraries exist, like Boost.Python, PyCXX, and some utilities that parse C++ to create Python bindings, but I didn't find much in the way of actual information without examining the sources of these libraries. ...

... I have started working on a little utility library ( for personal use... [The Python C API has] many restrictions and it certainly puts a cramp on C++'s style, but the moral of this store is that just because you need to work with a C API doesn't mean you can't use modern C++ techniques.

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