N4320: Make exception specifications be part of the type system -- Jens Maurer

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Document number: N4320

Date: 2014-11-20

Make exception specifications be part of the type system

by Jens Maurer


The exception specification of a function was never considered a part of its type. Instead, 15.4 [except.spec] paragraphs 5 and 6 only restrict assignments and initializations of pointers and references to (member) functions. This leads to odd holes in the type system that have resulted in a number of core issues. ... The recent work on a specification for transactional memory support (see N4265 "Transactional Memory Support for C++: Wording (revision 3)") required integrating the transaction_safe specifier into the types of functions, among other things considering it for implicit conversions and overload resolution. This paper clones that approach to integrate the presence or absence of a non-throwing exception-specification (called noexcept) into the types of functions, too.

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