CppCon videos now even more widely available via Channel 9

cppcon-c9.pngThis just in on CppCon.org:

Video Availability Increased

As of today, CppCon 2014 session videos are available on Channel 9 at: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/CPP/C-PP-Con-2014

The videos were originally made available and are still available on the CppCon YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/CppCon

After posting the videos on YouTube, we received requests for additional availability from countries where YouTube is not available. We’ve worked with Channel 9 to be an additional hosting site. Channel 9 is available in countries where YouTube is not, so this helps us in our goal of supporting C++ developers all over the world.

Channel 9 also supports downloading the sessions in a number of formats, including audio only, for offline use.

The CppCon 2014 conference videos feature are over 100 sessions of C++ content from many of the world’s best C++ experts, all professionally recorded and edited by Bash Films. We are grateful to both YouTube and Channel 9 for hosting our content.

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