N4241: A proposal to add shared_mutex (untimed), (Revision 3) -- Gor Nishanov

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Document number: N4241

Date: 2014-10-10

A proposal to add shared_mutex (untimed), (Revision 3)

by Gor Nishanov


At the Issaquah ISO C++ meeting of 2014 shared_mutex was renamed to shared_timed_mutex per proposal N3891 to follow the naming precedent set by timed_mutex and recursive_timed_mutex and to leave room for an untimed shared_mutex which can be more efficient on some platforms than shared_timed_mutex.

This paper introduces a shared_mutex type without timed locking requirement. This paper only includes the proposed wording. For background for shared locking please refer to N3568, N3659 and N3891.
This revision is a minor edit of an earlier paper N3995 that adds a missing unlock() and native_handle() member functions.

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