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It's not often we run a link to a SO article in the Product section, but this is a useful product question.

Alternative for PC-Lint supporting C++14 (Visual Studio 2013)

I am using PC-Lint for quite some time with very good results.

The last year however, I noticed that PC-Lint cannot keep up with the new C++ standards. E.g. range-based for-loops, variadic templates, make_unique, ... which are all constructions supported by Visual Studio 2013, aren't recognized by PC-Lint.

The result is that my code is now filled with lint-comments to disable checking on blocks of code using these constructions. This means:

  • less readable code
  • I'm almost spending more time updating my lint-comments that actually writing code

Is there an alternative (free or commercial) for PC-Lint on Windows that can keep up with the recent C++ standards?

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