From the archives: "C++: as close as possible to C -- but no closer" -- A. Koenig and B. Stroustrup

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n0007.PNGFor your Friday reading pleasure, we recently came across one of the very earliest C++ standardization papers written, with number N0007 (or call it "007"):

C++: as close as possible to C -- but no closer

by Andrew Koenig and Bjarne Stroustrup

It's interesting too see how much C++ has stayed true to its root design. And the thesis and contents of this paper are both remarkably current, and to be considered by those who would attempt to C-ify C++, or C++-ify C.

From the paper:

ANSI C and the C subset of C++ serve subtly different purposes. ...

The purpose of this note is to summarize the remaining differences between the draft ANSI C standard and C++, explain their motivation, and point out cases where these differences are less important than they might appear at first.

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