N4025: Exploring classes of runtime size -- Jeff Snyder and Richard Smith

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Document number: N4025

Date: 2014-05-23

Exploring classes of runtime size

by Jeff Snyder and Richard Smith


During the Chicago meeting, several options were discussed for Arrays of Runtime Bound. These alternatives were summarised by Bjarne Stroustrup in N3810 [1]. One of the alternatives discussed, dubbed Array Constructors, was to introduce a core language feature that would allow types such as dynarray and bs_array to be written without special compiler support.

At the Issaquah meeting, J. Daniel Garcia proposed such a language feature, called Run-time bound array data members, in N3875 [2]. There was much discussion of this proposal, and of runtime-size types in general, with an overall feeling that it was worth pursuing a core language feature in this area.

This paper proposes an alternative way of allowing classes with runtime-bound array data members (aka runtime-size types) in C++ that aims to avoid various issues that were discussed at the Issaquah meeting, as well as exploring the impact that adding runtime-size types would have on the rest of the C++ language.

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