N4016: Light-Weight Execution Agents, Revision 2 --- Torvald Riegel

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Document number: N4016

Date: 2014-05-23

Light-Weight Execution Agents, Revision 2

by Torvald Riegel


Changes between N3874 and N4016:

  • Added underlying progress de nition based on implementation steps and scheduler guarantees (Section 2.1).
  • Refi ned forward progress classes (see Section 2.2): Base de finitions on implementation steps instead of blocking; merge SIMD+Parallel with the weaker variant of Parallel and rename to Weakly Parallel; re fine safety guarantee description of SIMD and rename to Strict SIMD.
  • A few changes in Section 2.3.
  • Added discussion of semantics of spawning and blocking on EAs (Section 2.4).
  • Added a more detailed overview of related proposals (Section 3).

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