Writing min function, part 1: The rise of Concepts -- Fernando Pelliccioni

[Ed: Note that this article series is not (yet) about C++ code, but it promises to go there and it has an interesting pedigree in its generic programming design analysis (Alex Stepanov) and reviewers (several ISO C++ participants including Andrzej Krzemienski and Dean Michael Berris.]

Writing min function, part 1: The rise of Concepts

by Fernando Pelliccioni

From the article:

This is the first in a series of articles in which I want to transmit what I learned (or what I think I learned) from the books, papers, lectures of Alexander Stepanov.

These are the lessons that Alex gives us, and I want to show them in this series:

  • Specify our algorithms correctly
  • Programming must be based on a solid mathematical foundation
  • Designing our API’s consistently
  • Not always the library implementations provided by the programming languages we use are correct, even though they are designed by “experts”.
  • The concept of Stability
  • Generic programming, of course!

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