Parallel STL: Democratizing Parallelism in C++ -- Artur Laksberg

Today on VCblog:

Parallel STL: Democratizing Parallelism in C++

by Artur Laksberg

From the article:

Over the last few years, a group of software engineers from Intel, Microsoft and NVidia have worked together on a proposal for the ISO C++ Standard known as the "Parallel STL".

This proposal builds on the experience of these three companies building parallel libraries for their platforms -- the Threading Building Blocks (Intel), PPL and C++ AMP (Microsoft) and Thrust (NVidia). All these libraries have a common trait -- they allow developers to perform common parallel operations on generic containers. Naturally, this aligns very well with the goals of the C++ Standard Template Library.

All three companies are working on their implementations of the proposal. Today, we're pleased to announce that Microsoft has made the prototype of the proposal available as an open source project at

We encourage everyone to head over to our CodePlex site and check it out. The proposal has been approved to be the foundation for the "Parallelism Technical Specification" by the ISO C++ Standards Committee ...

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