CS 251: Intermediate Software Design in C++ -- Doug Schmidt

Doug Schmidt's C++-based software design course is available on YouTube.:

CS 251: Intermediate Software Design in C++

by Douglas Schmidt

This video playlist contains screencasts from a course I'm teaching on advanced C++ and object-oriented patterns/frameworks in the Spring of 2014 at Vanderbilt University. Please see http://www.dre.vanderbilt.edu/~schmidt/cs251/ for more information on this course.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of C++ (3 lectures)
  • Overview of Subversion
  • Overview of the STL (8 lectures)
  • Overview of Patterns (2 lectures)
  • A Case Study of "Gang-of-Four" Patterns (8 lectures)

About the instructor:

Douglas C. Schmidt is a Professor of Computer Science, Associate Chair of the Computer Science and Engineering program, and a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems, all at Vanderbilt University. He has also been the Chief Technology Officer for the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where he was responsible for directing the technical vision and strategic R&D investments.

C++ developers will know of Doug particularly because of his widely-acclaimed ACE and related libraries.

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