Control Structures in C++ -- Prashant Sharma

[For very new programmers, this is a basic review of the control flow language features available in C++ -- most of them also valid C, but at our request now with coverage also of the C++-specific range-for loop. -- Ed.]

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Control Structures in C++ (Flow of Control)

by Prashant Sharma

From the article contents:

1 Control Structures in C++

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Selection Structure (Branching Statements)

1.2.1 if Statement

1.2.2 if-else Statement

1.2.3 Nested if else Statement

1.2.4  switch Statement switch vs if-else

1.3 Looping Structure(Iterative Statements)

1.3.1 Elements of Looping Structure

1.3.2  for-loop

1.3.3 Range-for statement (range based for-loop) New C++11 Feature

1.3.4 while-loop

1.3.5 do-while loop

1.3.6 Related

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