Two Full Days of C++11 for C++ Programmers -- Michael Caisse & Jon Kalb (Mar 25-26, San Francisco)

codestarssummit14.PNGMichael Caisse and Jon Kalb will be conducting a two-day training class on C++11 in San Francisco in March as part of the Code Stars Summit event.

Two Full Days of C++11 for C++ Programmers

Instructors: Michael Caisse and Jon Kalb

March 25-26

San Francisco, CA, USA

From the announcement:

C++11 introduces a lot of new tools for writing code that is expressive, but continues the C++ tradition of uncompromised performance. If you are comfortable with C++, but need to get up to speed with the language and library extensions offered by C++11 this is your opportunity to learn the latest in C++ from some of the best instructors available.

Topics covered include:

  • Move semantics, rvalues, and perfect forwarding
  • Lambda expessions
  • New smart pointers
  • Tuples
  • Range-based for loops
  • Variadic templates
  • Standard function and bind
  • auto and decltype
  • Initializer lists
  • Uniform initialiation
  • constexpr
  • Delegating constructors
  • Defaulted and deleted member functions
  • explicit and final
  • nullptr


No knowledge of C++11 is assumed, but basic familiarity with C++ is assumed. It isn’t necessary that students be able to write templates or operator overloads unassisted, but they need to be able to follow examples of such code, or they are likely to fall behind.

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