Shevlin Park: A C++ AMP Implementation in Clang/LLVM Using OpenCL -- Dillon Sharlet

At the November 2012 LLVM Developers' Meeting, Dillon Sharlet of Intel gave a presentation on Shevlin Park, a prototype implementation of C++ AMP in Clang/LLVM using OpenCL. In this talk Dillon briefly discusses C++ AMP in comparison to OpenCL, details the implementation and shows the results of performance analysis on the prototype implementation.

Shevlin Park: A C++ AMP implementation in Clang/LLVM using OpenCL (MP4 video) (PDF slides)

Dillon Sharlet - Intel

We describe “Shevlin Park,” a prototype implementation of Microsoft’s C++ AMP built on Clang, LLVM, and OpenCL.

We fully describe Shevlin Park’s implementation including how Clang/LLVM can be augmented to easily accommodate C++ AMP programming constructs, how C++ AMP computation can be expressed as OpenCL compute kernels, and finally how the C++ AMP runtime library can be easily implemented on an OpenCL runtime.

Using several benchmarks, we evaluate Shevlin Park’s performance, Microsoft’s DirectX based C++ AMP, and also conventional OpenCL.

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