Embarcadero C++ Builder XE3 released: Highly-conforming Clang-based C++11 compiler

On Monday in their webcast talk following the Bjarne Stroustrup interview, Embarcadero announced C++Builder XE3 -- a highly-conforming Clang-based C++11 compiler that enables targeting Windows, OS X, and soon iOS and Android from a single modern C++11 code base, including leveraging the latest platform features such as Windows 8's WinRT and OS X Mountain Lion's Retina display support.

From the product announcement:

C++Builder XE3 delivers the best of both worlds – a highly-compliant C++11 64-bit Windows toolchain with an agile development solution. Now you can use the latest C++ features and libraries while you speed your development process with C++Builder’s visual development environment.

With C++Builder XE3, developers can use Embarcadero C++ standard extensions to provide an agile coding experience with rapid prototyping and reusable software components, and a fully integrated two-way visual development environment so you can deliver your applications to market faster.

  • New 64-bit Windows compiler based on a multi-device targeting architecture
  • C++98, C++TR1, and C++11 language standards
  • ANSI C, ISO C, C99, and C11 language standards
  • Dinkumware STL 5.3 and Boost 1.5
  • CLANG compatible
  • Agile C++ language extensions
  • Cross-compilation to multiple Windows and Mac OS X platforms (iOS and Android coming in 2013)

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