C++11 tempts OSS: KDevelop 4.6 IDE, KDE Frameworks 5, Qt 5.0 (Phoronix)

HT to Michael Larabel and Phoronix: It's great to see more projects moving to adopt modern C++11, from C++98/03 and even from C. Here are three fairly well-known projects in the "thinking about" stage of taking the plunge.

More Open-Source Projects Eyeing Up C++11

by Michael Larabel

KDE developers are currently contemplating the idea of allowing a subset of the C++11 language to be used within the KDevelop code-base. This C++11 change would happen for the KDevelop 4.6 integrated development environment release. Reasons are shared in this article for why one should consider using C++11 code.


Qt 5.0 is taking advantage of C++11 too, but there it's being handled in a backwards compatible manner so the code will still build as C++03 on older compilers. There is also more Qt C++11 developer information shared via slides from the recent Qt Developer Days event.

KDE Frameworks 5 may also use C++11.

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